Socket Cap Screw

Haosheng Fasteners are fastener manufacturers that special in custom fasteners , Standard socket cap screw include DIN 912 Cylindrical Socket cap screw and Black grade 12.9 DIN 912 Cylindrical Socket cap screw.

We can take standard socket cap screws and make the necessary changes to custom fasteners from scratch using OEM drawings and customer designs.

  1. Provide CAD or 3D drawings for the basic shape of customized products.
  2. according to customer requirements to modify the size of the appearance.
  3. Selection of materials (to meet customer performance requirements).
  4. Optimize product details according to experience and technology (according to customer requirements).
  5. 5. Selection of materials (to meet customer performance requirements).
  6. 6. Make suggestions on surface treatment to meet the requirements of appearance and corrosion resistance.
  7. 7. choose the best process sample for testing.

Socket Cap Screw

Socket Cap screws are widely available and used for a varied list of things from flat packed furniture to vehicles.

DIN 912 Cylindrical Allen bolt

Socket Cap Screw

Black DIN 912 Cylindrical Allen bolt

Socket Cap Screw

Socket Cap Screw Parameter

Socket Cap screws are a generally common fastener that’s tightened with an Allen Key.
These fasteners are very strong and reliable and used in a wide range of industries.
Socket Cap screws are widely available and used for a varied list of things from flat packed furniture to vehicles.


  • As compared to ordinary fasteners, less socket screws of the same size can achieve the same clamping force in a joint.
  • As fewer screws are required for a given job, fewer holes are required to be drilled and tapped.
  • There is weight reduction as fewer screws are used.
  • There will be weight reduction on account of smaller size of the component parts since the cylindrical heads of socket screws need less space than hex heads and require no additional wrench space.

Socket head cap screws are used for applications with limited space. They have cylindrical head and internal wrenching features (mostly hexagon socket) that allow them to be used in locations where externally wrenched fasteners aren’t desirable.

They are used for critical vehicle applications, machine tools, tools and dies, earth moving and mining machinery, and a wide range of engineering applications. The most important reasons for the increasing use of socket head cap screws in industry are safety, reliability and economy



This term is generally used in America. The original configuration of socket head cap screws didn’t maintain consistent relationships among the nominal shank diameter, head diameter, and socket size throughout the available size range. This limited the performance potential of some sizes

In the 1950s, one socket screw manufacturer in America performed extensive studies to optimize performance based on geometry, fastener material strength, and applications. These studies resulted consistent dimensional relationships throughout the size range.

Eventually, these relationships were accepted as industry standards and the year of acceptance – 1960 – was adopted to identify the optimized designs. The term 1936-Series was selected to identify the older style for replacement requirement.

Socket and Allied carry a vast range of both 1936 and 1960 Socket Cap Screws where odd and particular sizes are required for a specific application.

Socket and Allied can manufacture Socket Cap Screws in a whole range of alloy metals including exotic stainless steels and yellow metals.

The Production Process

Raw materials warehousing — incoming inspection — mold opening — machine adjusting and testing — starting — rubbing teeth — surface treatment — laboratory testing — packaging and shipping.

Manufacturing Process

As the leading Hex bolt manufacture china and Hex bolt exporter, we take immense effort in manufacturing the best bolts in the business. All our hex bolts are manufactured as per the international standards. We also cater to a wide range of customer specifications and preferences. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility with all the advanced machinery. We use only advanced machinery including welding machine and the drilling machine to produce our Hex bolts. Every single Hex bolt coming out of our facility is manufactured in strict conformance with the international norms of quality.

Process Characteristics
It can be divided into single-mode machine and multi-level machine. Simple structure of the product single mold machine can be completed, such as cylindrical head, external hexagon, hexagon bolt.
Multi power position is suitable for product size diversification and irregular appearance. Several sizes and structures can be completed at one time on the same set of mold.

The minimum tolerance of cold heading products can be plus or minus 0.05mm.

Material Requirements:

  1. High plasticity and low hardness are required.
  2. High surface quality requirements.
  3. High dimensional accuracy requirements.

The quality of our fasteners is unmatched throughout the custom fastener industry, and our work really speaks for itself. Throughout the years we grow to become the fasteners manufacturing force we are today, combining our experience with state-of-the-art machinery to create the most precise and top qua lity fasteners on the market.

We appreciate your interest on our company very much and hope that our website will be helpful and informative to you. If you need more information, kindly you please contact with me, If you’re interested in our products.

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